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If you’re looking to hire a proven licensed ceramic tile contractor then you have come to the place. The management and installation skills at AZCST are simply second to none. With more than 3-generations of knowledge in the industry it does make a big difference from the initial conciliation to the project’s completion. 

If you desire a stress-free experience (especially during the installation) then why not hire a specialists in the trade. 

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Dan Conway

Remodeling With Stone & Tile is Fun

Taken before & after pictures has always been a process where you either forget to take the before picture or forget to take the after picture or vise versa. Scroll Down to see the first picture, it looks is pretty much like your typical cultured marble tub, cultured marble shower, cultured marble shower floor and cultured marble countertop seen in the other images below.


Before Remodel

We removed the cultured marble shower walls, cultured marble countertop and mirror, the solid glass window, we left the existing bathroom floor and tub. One quick note, tiling over existing cultured marble must be done by an experience licensed contractor that has a technical background in remodeling and renovation work.

The procedure to tile over cultured marble involves sanding and using polymer modified thinset and special grout. Not following my exact procedure will result in a failure. This job was completed in 2008 and still today the installation is rock solid and will remain intact until a new owner decides to remodel with their own taste.


After RemodelClick picture to see blowup

If you click here you can see the custom made pieces around the rim of the tub. In order to create a very smooth edge for you back or neck to rest on the pieces were polished in-place. Scroll down to see some more before and after pictures of the countertop and mirror wall.


Before & After 2Notice the existing light above the mirror its one unit before the remodel, now look at the completed picture below, the light was simply cut in half to accommodate the new double arched mirror backsplash…Pretty cute ha….


Before & After 2The countertop was done in granite slab with broken-edge finish to match the shower seat and the bottom of the double stacked shower niches. Notice the black 15 Lb. felt paper in place of the mirrors, this is to assure two things; one, is to make sure each side comes out exactly the same and then when done with the tile surround the homeowner can take these templates to the mirror shop and have the mirrors cut to the exact size. Also you can click this image to see larger picture.


Glass BlockAs In this picture above you can see we added a shower bench and a glass block pony wall for three reasons, it looks great, keeps the shower warmer while in use, and of course a little more privacy. We also added copper slate trim with to the glass block with a double bullnose which matches the back of the niches and shower floor in lieu of using a glass block bullnose.


Shower FloorClick the center of the image to see a close-up of the shower floor. In the blowup image notice the custom made double bullnose trim at the vertical jambs. If you study this picture you will notice that all edges of the stone are rounded and either polished or honed. All these details are essential for a professional installation using natural stone.

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