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Reflector Enhancer

Never before has the interior flooring sector of the decorative concrete industry been in more demand. However, more and more architects, designers and homeowners are looking for something different than the typical acid stain and dye finishes.

REFLECTOR Enhancer is something different. So different as a matter of fact that the highest resolution photos available just don't show the amazing look, appeal and beauty that it creates. Imagine a floor that from a distance kind of looks like a conventional acid stain or dye but as you get closer or change the angle at which you are viewing the floor, the colors change. At the same time you are seeing the color change, you also notice an ultra-fine sparkle and depth in the floor that will blow your mind.

If you have an old worn out wood bar top you can give it a fresh new look with a lot of bling by adding and or mixing one, two or even three different colors to create a pretty wild look or even a very romantic ambiance.

Reflector Enhancer Samples

Below floor was overlaid with titanium colored epoxy reflector enhancer. Using single or no more than two colors gives you the elegant look.


7 different reflectors were used in this bar top.


Below is Epoxy Reflector - Color is Orange Gold


Below images - Before and After Epoxy Reflector over Existing Formica Countertops

Backsplash was removed and overlaid with the same then reinstalled. Reflector Color are Coffee.


Check out the next couple of samples. First Sample is Mixture of Coffee and Copper, Second Sample is two colors Cairo and Russet then sprayed with alcohol to create an even more intense look…Now, wouldn’t that sample make a good bar top, night club dance stage, beauty salon floor….LOL!

Copper & Coffee


(picture above) Yes we install your typical Broadcast Commercial Grade Epoxy Floors. My opinion this looks great for a commercial packaging plants so why not dress up your garage with Reflector Enhanced Epoxy. One drawback with epoxy floors is that you can't install them in the winter time as your epoxy gets too thick and it will not self level...Solution is to use a Thin Finish Overlay (below) Instead for less than half the price. Thin Finish Overlays can have many different finishes from rough look like below to semi-smooth to a micro glass like finish. You can also acid stain your garage floor once the Thin Finish Overlay is installed.

Thin Finish OverlayClick here to see Thin Finish Sample Board

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