Decorative Concrete Options


Tired of all the bad news about the economy? See what Decorative Concrete for exterior and interior finishes brings to the table and forget about financial woes.


Whether you are a property owner, contractor, architect or specifier, you need to read on...

Decorative Concrete + Epoxy Coating = Tough and Beautiful Floors 



Unique, customized, tough flooring and affordable. Let's face it that is the flooring tend these days and Elite Crete Systems is providing just that. The floor in the photo above was created using THIN-FINISH and MICRO-FINISH Pre-Mixed Overlays and sealed with E100-PT1 Crystal Clear Epoxy. As nice as this floor looks, it really doesnt get much easier than this.


Existing Concrete Doesnt Have to Remain GRAY 



So you just purchased your home or business and spent thousands of dollars on the veneer stone walls, landscaping, etc. Yet, your concrete is still plain gray and the photo above proves it. Installed was a thin, durable, weather & salt resistance coating that creates the authentic look, color and texture of the natural stone found in the region.



Stainless Steel Polished Look. Without the Cost of Polished Please



Message from the business owner: "We want a floor for our new office that looks like stainless steel polished flooring but we need it to cost less and be tougher that polished." Sounds impossible doesnt it? Not with Elite Crete Systems. The floor above was created with our award winning REFLECTOR Enhancer Flooring System. Contact us to find out how...



REFLECTOR Enhancer - Not Just for Floors



Concrete countertops created from experienced, talented contractors look terrific. However, sometimes the property owner wants something different. The photo above shows just a portion of a large countertop created with REFLECTOR Enhancer at a bar and restaurant in St. Louis.