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Best Places to Buy Ceramic, Porcelain & Stone

Kaiser Tile - Ralph Kaiser and I have been great friends and pretty much grew up together in the tile business. If you have been buying selling tile as long Ralph has, then you know if you visit his showroom in Tempe you will see the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. Also very big on high-end commercial tile.

Dal-tile - We have been doing business with them since day one. Great source for commercial grade material and they have showrooms all over the world and in Arizona you will find great tile for your home as well. Best of all they only sell to tile contractors...YES!

Cactus Stone & Tile - just a great place for high-end Porcelain & Natural Stone. You must see their showroom in Scottsdale, AZ you will walk away wishing you won the lottery.

Art On Stone - Therese Stonehart is the Owner/Artist. She does many great artistic designs on tile, walls and other subject matter. Please visit here on Facebook or call her at 928-636-6727 or email her

Art on Stone - Her Booth at Prescott Design Center



Best Places to Buy Setting Materials for Your Tile Floors.

Big D Floor Covering - Best prices for contractors on basic items like thinset and backer board

Dal Tile - If you’re a commercial tile contractor like me Dal-tile will most likely give you the best quote for materials on those large drawback thou, they play favorites and give larger discounts based on your volume.

Home Depot - Stay away from this place as they don't care about you or anyone else. People think their prices are good and if you know tile like I do, you are getting ripped-off! Let's support all of the local mom and pop shops so we can keep the money in our little community.


Best Places For Tile & Stone Care